Thanksgiving & Family Photos

For Thanksgiving this year we traveled to Conroe to visit Dwyatt’s side of the family.  On Thursday we were up early and so eager to start cooking that we had the whole meal ready by noon!  So, we ate until we were completely stuffed with all the usual fixings… and then settled in for a long afternoon of football, followed by a nice long walk around the neighborhood with a glass of wine in hand. 

I love that at Thanksgiving in Texas you can still get away with just a light sweater and it still feels like fall.  So nice :) 

On Friday we braved the crazy black Friday shopping mall hysteria.  However, I’m ashamed to admit that I pretty much just bought stuff for Dwyatt for Christmas… they were having amazing sales!  Oh & I found my Christmas dress which I will be wearing tomorrow night!  I found it at Banana Republic and with all the Black Friday discounts I got a $250 dress for $40.  How could I pass this up?  It’s super sparkley and I can’t wait to wear it tomorrow for the Devon Christmas Party! See: 

We also made sure to take some family photos while we were there to remember all the good times of having everyone together.  First: Dwyatt, me, his brother Devin, and Mom. 

However – this is how the boys acted when they weren’t forced to smile for a camera:

The whole group!  I love family :) 

Well, happy Friday everyone and I’ll try to catch up some more this weekend.  Especially now that finals are over for the semester!  Yay!

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