Valentines Week

Although it’s late, I wanted to recap our Valentines Day this year.  Dwyatt was actually working on Valentines, and I was taking a midterm on Financial Derivatives.  Thrilling, I know. 

We actually celebrated the weekend before Valentines.  In the midst of studying for the upcoming midterm, Dwyatt surprised me with an afternoon couples message & an awesome dinner at PF Changs!  The message was the perfect gift after the stressful week we had, and we truly just enjoyed a relaxed evening together. 

On Tuesday morning I got a call from the receptionist at work to say I had flowers waiting for me!  This was the first time I have ever had flowers delivered to work and I was so excited!  2 dozen beautiful roses were awaiting me in the lobby, and I was beaming all day.  What a wonderful husband I have.  I’m so lucky to have a guy who does great things for me all year round, not just in mid-February.  I’m such a lucky girl!!

Yes, I may have gone a little overboard photographing the flowers… however I blame my amazing friend Ashley for introducing me to Diptic, the best iPhone photo app ever (or at least since the discovery of Instagram)! 

What do you think??

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