Thanksgiving Recap!

A little late but here is our Thanksgiving recap!  We went to Colorado to spend several days with my family.  It was the first time they’ve seen us since announcing we’re pregnant so everyone was so excited!  I didn’t take many photos, but the cutest thing we did was make little Thanksgiving turkey’s for breakfast!  Thank you Pinterest idea…

My brother painted their eyeball M&M’s… Thanksgiving-1

Dwyatt was excited to show off the final product!   Thanksgiving-2

Aren’t they cute?!?! Thanksgiving-3 Thanksgiving-4

The rest of the day we spent cooking!  And eating, and playing games, and napping…   Thanksgiving-5 Thanksgiving-6 Thanksgiving-7 Thanksgiving-8 Thanksgiving-9

It was a wonderful & relaxed holiday with family… and of course we ended the day with our favorite tradition to kick off the Christmas season – watching Christmas Vacation while we stuffed ourselves with more pie :)

Pumpkins, Cider, and Mums… Oh My!

I love fall!  I’m so glad it’s finally here… and although it’s 70 degrees and raining outside right now, the brisk air is going to move in just in time for Halloween tomorrow!  I can’t wait to hand out candy to all the cute neighbor kiddos and see their adorable costumes!

Last weekend we celebrated our Halloween… Friday we went to an adult Halloween party.  We didn’t really feel that motivated to dress up this year, so Dwyatt threw on his oil field fire-retardant smock, a hard hat, and his steel toes and went as “an oil man”.  Very original right??  I, hoping to compliment the oil man, dressed all in gold with way to much jewelry claiming to be a gold digger!  I don’t have a photo of that night yet (still on Dwyatt’s phone which I have yet to steal…) but I will find one to post!

Saturday night we had a blast… pumpkin carving with friends!  We all got together to watch football, drink hot cider, sit outside by the fireplace on the patio, and finally carve our pumpkins!  We acted just like a big group of kids, but we had a great time!

Before everyone arrived, the weather was SO perfect, and I had to take a few pictures to capture how well our flower beds have transitioned into fall!

Pumpkins-2 Pumpkins-3 Pumpkins-5 Pumpkins-7

I also caught a few of my new Hunter boots, which I LOVE!!!

Pumpkins-9 Pumpkins-13 Pumpkins-14 Pumpkins-15 Pumpkins-16

Finally, Belle (my new kitty!) needed to make a blog appearance!  Although getting her to actually look at the camera proved to be quite difficult.

Pumpkins-21 Pumpkins-23 Pumpkins-25

Then we were on to the pumpkin carving!

Pumpkins-28 Pumpkins-32 Pumpkins-33 Pumpkins-37 Pumpkins-40

Pumpkins-50 Pumpkins-52 Pumpkins-56

Happy Halloween!


Easter Sunday

Happy Easter!  This day is one of my top two favorite days of the year… it’s a toss up between Christmas and Easter…  Each a day where we celebrate our Saviour, each a day spent with family and friends, and each a day that involves great food and fun traditions!

This Easter my family is scattered all over, but I’ve thought of them often.  Dwyatt and I went to church this morning with some dear friends, then we all came back to our house, colored Easter eggs and made Easter brunch!  Beautiful spring weather, summer dresses, flowering trees, and the joy of the Easter holiday… couldn’t get much better than this!

I always remember the sacrifice it took from our Saviour to bring us to this Easter morning, I dance and celebrate this great day and the joyous truth that “It is finished!”  The debt is paid in full.  Jesus paid it all for us so that we could be free to live the beautiful lives he has planned for us!  Shout with joy!  Alleluia!

Easter-3Easter-5 Easter-4 Easter-6Easter-7Easter-8
Easter-10Happy Easter!