House Updates!

This has been a long time coming… over the past 3 months we have replaced the floors in our house, updated the couch, and changed out some curtains!

After being in our house for 6 years now I find that my style preferences have all changed! Maybe I just didn’t know what my style was 6 years ago, I was right out of college with no home decorating experience! We usually pick one project a year for our house and this was a big one… hardwood floors in the living room, dining room, and office along with all new carpet it the bedrooms! I absolutely LOVE how it turned out!

The night before the flooring company came to tear the carpet out we had a “trash the carpet party”… best idea ever! We took to the carpet with sharpies, and by the end of the night there were cartoons, hangman games, body outlines, animals, and all kinds of odd things on my carpet. My OCD tendencies nearly had a heart attack, but knowing it was all going away the next day made it better!

The floors looked amazing! They are beautiful… however the couch was still its same old red which is SO not my style anymore! Finally, just yesterday I got all the couch cushions back recovered and looking fabulous! The new curtains are beautiful too and I’m feeling very accomplished and like I live in a HGTV living room :) It’s amazing how a few simple things can make you feel like you have a new house!

Oh and I’m not the only one who loves it… Belle seems pretty happy about it too!

Spring Landscape Project

Every year Dwyatt and I pick one big project we want to do for the house. In 2011 we built the backyard fireplace and pergola, last year we completely redecorated our bedroom, and this year we had our front flowerbeds landscaped!  We knew we needed to do this early in the year so the plants have a chance to get established before the hot summer arrives, so March seemed like the perfect time!

We have very large front flowerbeds, they’re really too big in my opinion.  The problem was that they had little tiny plants in them, and plants that we haphazardly strewn around the bed with no rhyme or reason to their layout.  We also were experiencing a takeover of bermuda grass… that pesky stuff had completely taken over!  Honestly,  we let these beds just get too far gone that we were overwhelmed with the amount of work it would take to get them back in working order.  It got to the point that I was embarrassed of them when people would come visit us and walk the front door… I knew we had to do something!

We hired Giant Landscaping and have been so happy with their work!  In only 2 days we had entirely new flowerbeds!  That amount of work would have taken Dwyatt and I at least 2 solid weekends of constant work, something we can neither afford time-wise, or want to do labor wise :)

The “Before” pictures… what a mess!  Oh, and a picture of the one pretty daffodil we had and Weston just because he’s so cute…

landscape-1 landscape-3 landscape-4 landscape-5 landscape-6

After Day 1 we returned home and all the old plants/weeds/grass was gone!  The beds were perfectly clean with new fresh dirt!  They did transplant some of the old grass for us which will be perfect along the side fence of our house.

landscape-7 landscape-8 landscape-9

The “After” pictures!  Day 2 we arrived at home and Dwyatt instantly fell in love with the giant tree.  He was SO excited about the fact that it’s taller than the roof.  The two big crape mertle trees just look like sticks right now, but come summer they’re going to be beautiful!  We have rose bushes, holly, black eyed susans, and several types of native grasses, all kinds of different things that are made to thrive in Oklahoma!
landscape-12 landscape-13 landscape-14 landscape-15 landscape-16 landscape-17

I can’t wait to see how this project flourishes this summer and I’m now fully prepared with a bottle of weed killer to take on the bermuda grass & weeds and keep these beds looking great!

Bedroom Makeover!

March has been a busy month! On top of the usual work and school, we have been re-decorating our bedroom!  This has been a project I’ve wanted to do for several years now. Dwyatt really wanted a king sized bed, and while his vision included just buying new mattress and metal frame and calling it good, my vision was more of a “total redesign”.  :)

We ended up using terra-cotta and teal colors, as we have some teal in our bathroom we wanted to keep.  We changed the orientation of the furniture as well, and now the room feels HUGE!  I love doing projects like this and making the space feel more like “us”.  I’m also glad to that we now have some great bedroom furniture that we will love for many years to come!

Here are a few pics of the finished project:

I found two antique rake heads on Etsy, and used them to hold all my necklaces.  They are so cool, and it’s nice to have everything displayed rather than stuffed in drawers :)
My teal settee… so much fun!  A great place for me to relax and read in the morning while Dwyatt’s still asleep ;)