Quest for a Rug…

I’m looking for a new kitchen rug.  Well, two actually…  The ones I have now are of the fabulous Target brand, and although they have been great for nearly 3 years it’s time for a change!  I’m thinking color, bright, fun, and kind of contemporary. 

The problem?  I can’t find that anywhere!!  Why is it that all cute rugs come in living room (10’x12′) size?  So frustrating…  Here are a few examples of what I don’t want:

bed bath and beyond kitchen rug

Bed Bath and Beyond kitchen rug

No offence to these lovely kitchen rugs… I just can’t seem to find anything but these rugs!  Where are the cute, young, fun, bright rugs??  Something like this (only kitchen sized):

If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions, I would love to hear them!  Until then, I will continue my quest for the perfect kitchen rug.  Happy Wednesday! :)