Trimming the Tree!

Look!  Posts two days in a row… wow!

Ha ha, ok well for those of you who don’t know, I love the Christmas season.  Love it.  As a follower of Christ I love the fact that during this time of year it seems to me that the whole world is celebrating the Advent of His birth and the anticipation of Him coming again!  I realize there are plenty of people out there who do not celebrate Christmas the way I do, but it just puts such joy in my heart that I find myself overflowing with excitement and love.

So, last weekend it was finally time to go buy a Christmas tree!  This is one of my favorite annual Christmas traditions, because we buy a real tree every year.  We typically just go to the Lowe’s by our house, but to me it’s still a special outing.  Dwyatt looked at me kind of funny when he saw that I was bringing along “the big camera” to capture this little event, but I just wanted a few photos to remember the evening by.  We typically make a whole evening of it: buying the tree, bringing it home, opening a bottle of wine, blasting Christmas music, and decorating the whole house!  Such fun!

Lowe’s had a lot of trees this year!  Oh so many to choose from!

Dwyatt liked this one…

Me too :)

Dwyatt measured to see if it was about the right height… it was so we brought it home!

Next we donned our Christmas hats and pulled out all the Christmas boxes!

This is Weston’s first Christmas… he was excited, confused, and overall not very helpful…

I also got to set up my new Willow Tree manger scene this year, I love it!  (And yes, that is me in my santa hat setting it up…)

Finally the tree was finished!  So beautiful :)  And covered in so many ornaments that all have special meanings to us.

This one of my favorites… I gave it to Dwyatt while we were still dating.  This is what you get  when two engineers decorate a Christmas tree.

I’ll be back soon!  Tonight is our company Christmas party so I’ll be sure to take some pictures of that!