Week of Chaos

This week has been absolutely chaotic.  I was out of town most of last weekend, arrived home to study for a midterm.  I’m working on a huge project for work this week… I sit down with my VP to review the first draft on Thursday!  I have a midterm tonight, and more projects due next week. 

To top it all off I spent about 40 minutes with Dwyatt and our neighbors last night figuring out how to rescue Weston out of a 30′ tree on the edge of our neighborhood.  He was scared to death and stuck in a tree, poor thing!  Luckily Dwyatt was willing to climb up and get him, not to mention climb back down while getting clawed to death, yet still not dropping him.  Not sure if this makes Dwyatt brave or just plain crazy! 

Ugh!  What a week!  On a happy note the pillows for my patio arrived this week & the furniture is starting to arrive too!  I can’t wait to pull everything together and throw a fall party!  I promise “finished” pictures will be posted soon, but for now here are the pillows I ordered from Sears:

They make me smile :)

Okay… time to finish this test and push through to the weekend!